What is surge protection and why do I need it?

What is surge protection and why do I need it?

We rely heavily on the use of mains powered equipment, computers, appliances, and smart devices, so when a power surge strikes, protecting these devices is essential.

Surge protection is an investment to protect your electronics and appliances, as well as your personal safety. Surge protection is your best line of defence for your valuable equipment during a power surge, as a surge can cause data loss in computers and can damage or permanently disable electronics and appliances.

What is a Power Surge? How do they happen?

Power surges occur when there is an unexpected interruption to the flow of electricity through the power grid. High powered electrical devices can cause power spikes on the grid when switched on or when a particular, high energy component like an electrical motor kicks in. This can affect other devices plugged into the same board or power outlet. Examples of common devices include refrigerators, air conditioners and space heaters.

You can also receive power spikes through your TV's antenna, home phone or internet network cables. High-quality surge protectors offer coaxial and data cable protection to protect your equipment from these types of spikes.


How Do Power Surges Cause Damage?

The Australian standard for mains power voltage for home and office buildings is 240 volts. Voltage over or below this is considered transient, and it may damage electronic devices that are connected to it during a surge without protection.

Even though power surges are so brief that they are measured in nanoseconds, they can cause considerable damage to equipment and devices.

How to Prevent a Power Surge from Damaging Your Appliances and Electronics

Our Crest Platinum Power Boards feature surge protection and are designed to protect your TV and sensitive devices from power, coaxial and data surges. It utilises our new Fire Proof Self-Tripping Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) to ensure your appliances and home equipment are protected from power surges.

The Platinum range provides superior protection to deliver the ultimate level of safety whilst supported by our Connected Equipment Warranty* covering both the power board and your equipment.

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