What is a fixed TV wall mount?

What is a fixed TV wall mount?


If you’re looking to purchase the latest flat screen or curved OLED TV, then you’ll need to consider how it’ll fit in your living space and what TV mount options are available to you.

If you want a simple affordable TV mount without the extra features, a Fixed TV wall mount might be the best option for you. Most Fixed TV wall mounts feature a wall bracket and two TV mounting arms. They are a simple design for a sleek low profile look that provides a strong mounting base and is the most basic method for hanging your HDTV on the wall.

A Fixed TV wall mount doesn’t offer any movement for the TV, unlike the other types of TV mounts that provide a tilt or swivel movement. However, some Fixed TV mounts might be able to move the TV laterally left to right.

As the Fixed mount type is a low profile design, you will need to do all your wiring before hanging your TV as it’s usually flat against the wall. Consider the space behind the TV to the wall. Your TV may have cable or power connections that stick into the wall or to the side, and you may need to purchase alternative cables to suit your new mount.

Power leads, HDMI and coaxial cables are available with a right angle connection. Alternatively, you could use a right angle adaptor for the cables. Just make sure that the adaptor and cable are suitable for the bandwidth required.

Ensure you also check the wall type you have before putting holes in your wall. Timber frame and masonry are your most common, and our TV mounts provide screws and plugs to suit these. However, you will need to discuss the best mounting solution with your local hardware store if you have a steel frame home.

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Not only does mounting a TV on the wall look great, but it’s also safer for kids. All TV wall mounts are a great way to protect your children from accidentally tipping over the TV that’s on its factory stand.

Our TV Wall Mounts offer the latest in contemporary design. Made from high grade steel, our TV Wall Mounts are designed to fit universally and are compatible with a wide range of TV models on the market.

Find the right TV mount for your new TV using our TV Mount Finder Tool.


  • Provides the slimmest possible profile against the wall
  • Extra strong mounts are available for heavier TVs
  • The mount is hidden and discrete behind the screen
  • Often the most affordable solution
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for small spaces


  • It can be challenging to install cables after installation
  • No movement options other than lateral movement
  • It cannot be installed in corners of rooms

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